Our Location

We are located in Confederation Park, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Our address is...

Burnaby Central Railway
Confederation Park
120 North Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby BC

Phone: 604-291-0922

Please note that our phone is not manned 24/7 and does not accept messages. Please e-mail us, or if you wish to speak to someone, please phone when we are open to the public!


If you're coming in on Highway #1, take Exit 29 (Willingdon) and drive north approximately 3 km, or 2 miles, to reach the park.

If you're driving along Hastings Street, turn north at Willingdon Avenue and continue for 5 blocks, then turn right at Penzance Drive to reach the entrance to our railway.

For those of you using Skytrain, get off at Brentwood Station and transfer over to the 130 Phibbs Exchange bus which will drop you off at Hastings Street. From there, walk north along Willingdon Avenue for 5 blocks to get to our layout.

No matter how you get here, you'll find the entrance to our railway on Penzance Drive.

Below is a Google map to help you find your way to our track.

Parking is available along the north side of Penzance and in a parking lot alongside our eastern boundary. Please do not park in the Lawn Bowling Club's parking lot opposite our entrance gate. We do not want to annoy our neighbours!

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