Passenger Facilities

Rainbow Creek Station:

Two public washrooms: one for men and another for women. They are wheelchair friendly and each has a baby changing table.

A concession which serves hot and cold beverages, hot dogs, chips, candy bars, ice cream sandwiches and fudgesicles.

A gift shop where you can buy postcards, t-shirts, engineer caps, hat pins, and other railway-related items.

A small museum featuring photos of full-sized as well as miniature locomotives, other railway memorabilia, and a number of miniature engines.

The outdoor public area:

A large birthday party area.

Picnic tables, many are under an awning.

A grassy picnic area for the use of our passengers.

The Chevron lookout which allows visitors to observe trains on 3 sections of mainline track, as well as the station yard.

covered tables

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